What We Do

We Listen

We ask questions. We listen to what you want and then we give you what you need.

We Code

We build the good stuff. It's useful. It works when you need it and then disappears like a ninja.

We Ideate

We are inspired by elegant, simple solutions and all things related to beards and lumberjacks.

Excellent Technology

We love Ruby. We like Rails. If you don't know the difference, just tick the box and hire us.

Because server-side Windows is (still) crazytown.

We like javascript, golang and all the cool noSQL databases.


Brian has an astounding and wide-ranging intellect, that drives him to explore new ideas, technologies, and products. In eras past, he would have been explorer, or a scout.

Curt Mayers

Brian's inquisitive nature makes him a true asset to any organization, as he consistently explores new areas of technology and can successfully tackle any challenge he faces.

Ben Jones

Brian's one of the most thorough and rigorous thinkers I have ever worked with. I would be honored to have him as a partner on any type of project.

Jeff Rowe